Defending Our Sovereignty

While the sovereignty of Indian Nations has been under constant attack, Chief Hoskin has led the fight to defend the rights Cherokees have had to govern ourselves.  At the Supreme Court, in the Halls of Congress, and in our state capitol, he has fought tirelessly to hold political leaders accountable to the treaties Cherokees signed over a century ago.

  • Appointing a Delegate to Congress as outlined in the Treaty of New Echota
  • Expanded Law Enforcement through the Attorney General’s office, tribal court capacity and the Marshall Service in response to the Supreme Court’s decision on the McGirt case
  • Protect compacts with the State of Oklahoma so Cherokees could continue to Hunt and Fish without state licenses or fees
  • Led the fight against the State of Oklahoma to protect our gaming rights
  • Defended the Indian Child Welfare Act at the United States Supreme Court.