Job Creation and Economic Development

Through a time of unprecedented economic instability, Cherokee Nation and Cherokee Nation Businesses combined have continued to grow, employing over 11,000 employees. With 40% of its revenue coming from non-gaming companies, CNB was able to withstand the economic collapse that coincided with the pandemic and continues to help Cherokee families fight increasing inflation.

  • Not a single employee of Cherokee Nation or Cherokee Nation Businesses missed a paycheck as a result of the economic shutdown.
  • Worked with Cherokee-owned small businesses to stay open throughout the pandemic
  • Invested millions of dollars on broadband expansion as well as roads, bridges and water lines to prepare our communities for growth.
  • Invested $40 million in childcare and Head Start so Cherokee parents could get back to work and provide for their families
  • Cherokee Nation was named among the Top Places to Work in Oklahoma
  • Provided Cherokee Foster Families with a stipend to fight the cost of inflation